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  1. hi please guide me friends how can I am Recover my all Data.
  2. rahulko25

    Help....External HD Toshiba 3TB - Died

    sorry for this.. i am comment regarding to post.. but after comment post i feel that my comment is not proper.. then i am try to delete my no luck to me.. then i am removed my comment and only show few dot..
  3. rahulko25

    Help....External HD Toshiba 3TB - Died

  4. rahulko25

    windows 7 key

    Hi all I need to download windows 7 ISO image from microsoft Offical web site. but need to key to inter then download any one have key to please share here... thanks
  5. rahulko25

    Microsoft Office 2010 [Completed]

    check my attach image.. file remove ..
  6. rahulko25

    Microsoft Office 2010 [Completed]

    Thanks for Share with us.. but File is Removed form both file hosting site
  7. Plz Upload Microsoft Office 2010 with key ..
  8. rahulko25

    Samsung j2

    HI Friends.. I need you Help .. I need to recover my deleted Voice Call save Data in my Samsung J2 Mobile.. I am used Automativ Call Recorder application. but by mistake i am delete all save call recording data in my mobile.. please reply here.. which application or which method to recover all my deleted recorded voice data in my mobile.. i hope this form help me thanks
  9. hi plz upload inside out windows 10 books
  10. thanks man.. is fully Activated or need to crackar to Activated..?
  11. Hi.. some suggation r invite how can i am able to download torrent file via torrent client .. and not able to open any site in my internet provider.. help to i am add one image plz seen and reply 1) if i try to access any VPN site to open blocked site..................... but VPN site is also blocked ......... help to me
  12. rahulko25


    hi.. so please reply me which vpn service u used..? plz reply me and also help to me if i use torrent software and want to download file frm torrent site .. but in my isp blocked this service and if some time try to open torrent file all time show massage blocked by Cyberoam.. so what I do reply your configartion can not i send to your massage !
  13. rahulko25


    HI.. help me.. i am not able to download movies or software via torrent file when add torrent file to torrent client softwar.. no file download .. all time show zero seeding and downlaod.. may torrent site also blocked in my networked. so any one help to me how to download file via torrents tx
  14. HI. PLZ UPLOAD THIS BOOKS IN PDF FORMAT 1- The Indian Penal Code Paperback – 1 Jan 2012 2- The Indian Constitution and International Law (International Law in Asian Perspective, Vol 2) (English/Hindi)3- The Indian Constitution (English/ Hindi)