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  1. CoDjent

    Getting Carried Away in PhotoShop :p

    What dafuq Lol
  2. CoDjent

    Recently made Sigs

    I like the last one
  3. CoDjent

    IRC chat

    It would be nice, But alot of hard work goes into maintaining and having a good IRC Chat.
  4. CoDjent

    An Idea

    Wow that looks really cool
  5. CoDjent

    Gloomy Pic

    A Vignette Would of gone better as a background, but it looks good. in a weird kinda way
  6. CoDjent

    Sword UserBar

    Kinda....Somehow I didn't save it for what I got up too, But Just adding a hue over it Kinda colorizes it. :/, But The text is harder too see on the darker backgrounds..
  7. CoDjent


    Only Packet sniffers Ive Really Heard of is cain and able, And Commview, But Backtrack 5 is the ultimate packet sniffer :3
  8. CoDjent

    Sword UserBar

    Hmm, The top looks a little too white, and kind of dissapears, other than that I'm happy with what it turned out like
  9. CoDjent

    Cool Car

    Looks nice, Would look great HD
  10. CoDjent

    Angel Sig

    I don't see the difference between 1 and 2 but they both look great.
  11. CoDjent

    My Artwork.

    Can never go wrong with a hot girl wearing glasses, that's my favorite.
  12. CoDjent

    Sea Pic

    Very nice looking abstract, 9/10
  13. CoDjent

    Post your internet connection speed

    On Wireless
  14. CoDjent

    [MF][RS] 1,625 Fonts!

    Over 1600 Fonts, Some are good some Not so good. Lots to choose from Instructions: Extract:.. Select all the fonts with CTRL + A Right click and install them all at once, takes a few minutes. [MediaFire] http://www.mediafire.com/?0tjk2u6b2j80bd8