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  1. YES Definitely, Without Any Hesitation. Your Rep. Can Always Always Be Rebuilt, Your Character & Honesty Can't. Standing Up For What You Believe Is Right Is Number One.
  2. Ricky151

    Why Megaupload.com is down

    I Agree With Every Post Here. I Quoted A Few I Really Liked (i just couldn't quote everyone). Big Brother REALLY Is Watching Us, With Cameras Everywhere & Police With Inferred Scanners Walking The Streets Of NY & Other Big Cities. You Can See It On Some TV Shows & Most People Don't Know It's ALL True. Also With Satellites In Space, People Can Be Pinpointed & Hunted Down For Almost Any Reason At All. All People Are Supposed To Be Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty. With The Justice Dept. It's The Other Way Around. Megaupload.Com Is Just The Beginning. What's Next SOPA &PIPA Is The Start Of A Police State On The Internet (my personal opinion is sopa & pipa will Never pass). Be Aware, Be Informed. Don't Believe Everything Your Told. Conspiracy Or Just Who Has The Most $$ To Make Payoffs ????
  3. Thank You For ALL Your Post's.

    Everything I Want To Download, You Have Posted.

    Your Posts Are The BEST.

    THANKS For ALL Your Hard Work :)