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Fat Tuesday - 6 Things You Should Know...

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1 - Paczki is plural and pronounced Pooch-keyPaczek is singular, meaning one pastry and pronounced Poon-check.


2 - Don't call them Jelly Donuts! The yeasty dough used to make these contains more eggs, therefore the flavor is richer.


3 - While the Polish name Paczki translates to " little package " they are hardly little.  They are bigger than regular filled donuts.


4 - In Poland, the day to splurge on Paczki is the Thursday before Lent, so it is celebrated Feb. 5th and up until Tuesday.


5 - Grain alcohol used in the dough before cooking to prevent the absorbtion of oil so the pastry is not greasy.


6 - On th eoutside Paczki can be plain, dusted with powered sugar or covered with icing or glaze.


Now you know more STUFF...

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