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  1. bmo

    An American in Yorkshire

    I think I met that guy in Essex on a visit... Gave me a story too..!
  2. bmo

    $5.00 Walking Stick

    Time to re-evaluate my girlfriend and her attitudes...
  3. bmo

    The Tramp

    Could he be a Newfie...
  4. bmo

    She can't tell 'em apart

    That Blonde joke has got to be near the top of the list...
  5. bmo

    Heart warming

    A Star is born... Ha Ha...
  6. bmo

    Cutest Emoticons Ever Seen!!

    I'll second that Emotion...
  7. bmo

    Blind Bunny

    So-o Cute....
  8. bmo

    Sister Barbara

    Now that scenario should happen to me sometime...
  9. bmo

    New Ute

    We have the same problem with our representatives... Our Liberals fit this description of "Hot Air 100% of the time"...!
  10. bmo

    Blonde Interview

    Makes Sense huh and surly I.D.'s the perspective employee...
  11. bmo

    Sports Car

    SOunds liike a Canadian Joke to me... a wee bit of a groaaner tho... Ha Ha...
  12. Thank you so-o much..... I'll try to remove it....
  13. bmo

    Dog Checkup

    A groaner....
  14. bmo

    Emergency Room Talk

    Must be blonde.. huh..??
  15. bmo

    The Will

    Made me laugh out loud... Those were the days my friend... remember them well...