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    <<< List of Programs I Use To Make My Computer Run Like King >>> now i wrote this out to a single person, but i thought i would share it with everyone.. i decided todo this, cuz i think it could really be useful to anyone that is a seasoned computer veteran or a new computer newbie.. so here u all go.. look, this is a list of exactly what i use on my main computer for taking care of it, from Anitvirus, to optimizations, to cleaners, to browser, ect.. u my friend, should really mimic it as after multiple yrs of trial and error and over 20+ yrs of computer repair for clients i have it down to a specific science.. so here is my list and again this list is only for care products i use and of course not, all the programs i use on my computer >>> CPU-Z v1.89 - Portable - x86 & x64 (used to monitor your core hardware) HWMonitor v1.40.0 - Portable - x86 & x64 (used to monitor tempatures & fan speeds of ur hardware) Driver Easy Pro v5.6.11.29999 (when used in tandem with Driver Booster, it will find every single driver known) IObit Driver Booster Pro v6.5.0.422 (best known driver program and offers an amazing list of other features to make ur computer better) IOBit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate v12.2.0.130 (best optimizer on the market by far and the Ultimate offers a builtin AV) IObit Malware Fighter Pro v7.1.0.5675 (amazing malware program that offers ransomware protection, along with using bitdefender core) IObit Smart Defrag Pro v6.3.0.229 (IMO best defrag program, plus offers boot defragment and trim options for SSD's) IObit Uninstaller Pro v9.0.0.39 (hands down best uninstaller program ever, plus this version is in beta so no need to crack) Laplink PCmover Pro v11.01.1009.0 (makes exact copy of ur OS, including installed programs.. no other program like this on the market) Macrium Reflect - Workstation Pro v7.2.4325 - x64 (makes a backup of ur OS, that can fix during Boot) Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium v1.13.1.63 (protects against exploiting of ur browser/media programs/java) TrackOFF Standard v4.9.0.25167 (stops tracking of ur online traffic, protecting u from fraudulent attempts) Tweak-SSD v2.0.50 - x86 & x64 (makes ur SSD run at top performance, only needed if ur using a SSD for an OS) Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager v5.1.9.3 DC 04.03.2019 (best optimizing program on the market) Comodo Firewall v12.0.0.6818 (by far the best firewall on the market even compared to paid programs) IObit Unlocker v1.1.2 (only known program that actually lets u move/delete/unlock files that r locked by the OS) TCPOptimizer v4.1.0 (best program on the market for optimizing ur internet speeds regardless if wired or wireless) Opera GX v60.0.3255.50747 - x64 (best browser for security as it offers a built in VPN and this is the only browser on the market that is design for a gaming environment.. what that means is every other browser on the market can use as much RAM as it wants (no matter what).. im sure u have notice ur browser, which ever one u use, after opening 3+ tabs it uses a ridiculous amount of RAM.. well this browser lets u set how much RAM and CPU usage it is allowed to use (puts the power back in ur hands and not in the programs).. so regardless if ur a gamer or not, it still is the best one to use.. im using it now and ive never been more impressed with a browser ever and ive used every browser on the market from chrome, firefox, brave, maxthon, edge, etc.) there it is.. with this core set of programs my computer is quite literally fort knox and runs at super high speeds, never lags and i seriously have zero problems ever.. just a heads up on this one, u should really adopt it.. i mean unless of course u like computer headaches and frustration from a sloppy system that has memory problems and invasion for malware, just sayin.. if u need any help finding any of these programs just let me know.. some of these programs u r using already, some r paid that need to be cracked of course and some r free.. talk to u soon, my friend..
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    1.3 million want to raid Area 51 to 'see them aliens' Thousands have commented on the page, which reads: "We can move faster than their bullets. Let's see them aliens." Urban legend has it that Area 51 is a weird place. Yet even if the conspiracy theories are true and the Nevada air force facility harbors extraterrestrial technology and/or life, it would still barely qualify as being weirder than the internet where, early this month the anonymous users behind a Facebook meme page proposed a jaunty group invasion of the restricted compound. In a Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” the creators explain: “We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens.” The “naruto run” part of this call to action refers to the particular, oft-memed, ostrich-like sprint of a popular Japanese anime character. Their plan, scheduled for the wee hours of 20 September, has gained momentum; 1.3 million people have RSVP’d as “attending” the raid, while 1 million more are “interested”. In a post pinned to the top of the event page, a user named Jackson Barnes has drawn a diagram “game plan”, illustrating how different factions of attendees could best swarm the base. Beneath his scheme, Barnes writes: “Hello US government, this is a joke, and I do not actually intend to go ahead with this plan. I just thought it would be funny and get me some thumbsy uppies on the internet.” (He currently has 101,000 “thumbsy uppies” for his effort). Barnes’s disclaimer contains perhaps the most important bit of information to retain from this story: “Storm Area 51” is all a joke. And through engaging with that joke, most people are simply trying to take it to further extremes of silliness, such as by posting goofy blitzkrieg suggestions based on astrological signs. The US air force, however, is not amused, with a spokeswoman telling the New York Times “any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous”. “No trespassing” signs in the area reportedly state that the use of “deadly force” against intruders is authorized. The Times also noted that Nevada’s alien-themed Little A’Le’Inn hotel has been booked solid on 20 September, with many guests referencing the Facebook event while making reservations. It seems some people hope to take this gag as far as they can. Granted, even those who do travel to Nevada with the intent to descend upon Area 51 are very unlikely to get anywhere close to the base’s restricted zone, not only because it’s assiduously surveilled and patrolled, but because it’s located deep within a desolate and punishingly hot stretch of desert, far from amenities like convenience stores and public bathrooms. Is that really how anyone wants to spend their vacation days? Whether this wildfire meme will be forgotten by next week, or catalyze real (inadvisable!) action come 20 September remains to be seen. The truth, maybe, is out there.
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    Burning Building There was a burning building with a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde at the top. The firemen are yelling to the redhead to jump into a blanket and she jumps off the building and right as she was about to safely hit the blanket, they moved it and she dies. They yell to the brunette to jump but she says, “No I saw what you did to the redhead"! They shout we don't like redheads! So, the brunette jumps and sure enough they move the blanket and she dies. Then they shout to the blonde to jump off into the blanket. But the blonde says, “no I saw what you did to them"! They shout, we don't like them! The blonde then says: "I don't trust you guys, put the blanket on the ground and step back!"
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    this is for the above KMS and this is a link that was already provided from the link i gave u.. but here it is anyways.. DOWNLOAD >>> http://uploaded.net/file/uvtzhm8a
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    Awesome list and Post is Pinned Thank you Sir
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    use Startpage for true anonymity while browsing.. https://startpage.com or use Opera Browser as it offers a built-in free VPN (that actually works, 5 star) https://www.opera.com