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    The Windows 10 October 2018 Update cumulative update published on the May 2019 Patch Tuesday installs twice for some users, and Microsoft acknowledged this unexpected behavior earlier this week. Basically, what happens is that KB4494441 is offered on Windows Update, installs correctly and asks for a reboot, but it is then re-offered via Windows Update for a second time. The update doesn’t fail to install, and everything is completed correctly after the second installation. The issue is now listed as “resolved” by Microsoft, and the company explains that users don’t need to do anything to get the update, as the problem was correction on its own side. “No action is required on your part. The update installation may take longer and may require more than one restart, but will install successfully after all intermediate installation steps have completed. We are working on improving this update experience to ensure the Update history correctly reflects the installation of the latest cumulative update (LCU),” Microsoft explains.Check if the update is installed correctlyIf you want to check if the update installed correctly, you can just check out the update history page, Microsoft says. “In certain situations, installing an update requires multiple download and restart steps. In cased where two intermediate steps of the installation complete successfully, the View your Update history page will report that installation completed successfully twice.” However, you can also determine if this update installed correctly or not by checking the version number of your Windows 10 installation. To do this, click the Start menu and type winver. If the OS build number is 17763.503, cumulative update KB4494441 installed correctly. If it’s any lower than that, you are still running a previous version of Windows 10 and you should check for updates once again because cumulative updates are available for your device. Source: https://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-fixes-installation-issues-in-windows-10-cumulative-update-kb4494441-526060.shtml POSTER'S NOTE: The issue was not resolved by Microsoft! My computer just finished installing the KB4494441 for the second time. Just as the review says, the first time it was updated correctly but version number remained the same. So I was already kind of warned! Then started to upload the same update. After the restart, now the build number is 17763.503. While not a groundshaking bug, it's another stupid failure of Microsoft
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    thank u for the information and update on this msft issue.. but ill keep sayingthis till im blue in the face.. just use windows 7 as it is a superior os without all of the constent corrupted updates being shoved down ur throats with windows 10 and the spying into ur personal information..
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    Top 10 People Who Got Fired For The DUMBEST Reasons Most folks who get fired do so for mundane reasons—theft, tardiness, or just plain not doing their jobs well. The employees in the list below do not fall into that category. Rather, their hilariously ill-advised or awful actions on the job left no doubt that these employees had been fired for reasons well outside of the norm. 1. Over A Twix Robert McKevitt was attempting to obtain a Twix candy bar from a vending machine at the warehouse where he worked when the machine didn’t dispense the bar. After putting in a second dollar to no avail, Mr. McKevitt decided to take matters firmly into his own hands. He got his forklift that he used for work and picked up and dropped the machine six times, re-sulting in three candy bars being dispensed. When his boss found out, Robert was fired without unemployment benefits. 2. Snack Run Heather Cagle was fired from her position as a teacher that she had held for approximately 10 years. This occurred when one of her students told their grandmother about a snack run the class took to the local Walmart. Apparently, Heather managed to shove 11 kids plus herself into her sedan while on this trip, including placing two students in the boot, seven on the rear seat and two in the passenger seat. 3. Singing a Bob Marley Song, Fighting Demons Nicole Phillips was apparently known to pour salt around her desk in an attempt to “fight off demons” at work. The 52 year old lady’s strange behaviour caught the attention of the Deputy Director of the call centre of the New York City’s Financial Information Service. When talking to her about this, she started sing-ing Bob Marley’s song I Shot The Sheriff, leading to the director assuming she was singing about shoot-ing the deputy. This prompted the director to feel threatened and ended her employment. After attempting to sue the director, Nicole stated that the song said, “I did not shoot the deputy”. 4. Letting a Playboy Model “Earn Her Wings” Victoria Xipolitakis who had appearing in the Argentine version of Big Brother and a Greek version of Playboy requested to attend the cockpit of a flight with 36 passengers on board. The pilots went above and beyond the call of duty and even allowed her to take control of the thrust on take off. She documented this momentous occasion with selfies and video footage, the airliner got wind of it and immediately sacked the two pilots and attempted to bring forth criminal charges against all three. 5. Peeing in an elevator After repeated complaints about a urine stench in the elevator, parking garage managers in downtown Orlando installed video cameras to catch the culprit. When they reviewed the tapes, however, they didn’t see the homeless people they suspected were using the elevator as a bathroom. Instead, they witnessed Orange County sheriff’s deputy Carl Brown, easily identifiable in his official uniform, urinating in the corner of the elevator as soon as the doors closed. Shortly after, Deputy Brown realized he may have been captured on tape and tried to move the camera. After the sheriff’s office investigated, Brown admitted to urinating in the elevator an estimated five times, claiming a medical condition made it impossible to wait to relieve himself. Regardless of the explanation, sheriff’s office internal investigators found this “unbecoming conduct” sufficient reason to fire Deputy Brown. 6. Drunk Cheerleading Everyone thinks of cheerleaders as being graceful and coordinated, yet everyone believes that the mascot usually runs around acting like a drunk. This was to be the case in a more literal form. In 2006, the Tree mascot for Stanford University was sacked from the job due to being intoxicated. Erin Lashnits was spotted drinking out of a flask hidden under the tree suit in 2006. 7. Stuffing Students in the Trunk for a Snack Run Heather Cagle, a 10-year veteran teacher in Oklahoma’s Catoosa County public school district wanted to do “something sweet” for her middle school yearbook students. Unfortunately, for Cagle, she expressed this nice impulse by piling 11 students into her Honda Accord for a snack run. During the clown car-style journey to Walmart, which was approximately a mile from the school, two students split the front seat, seven formed a human pyramid in the back, and two more students were stuffed in the trunk. Parking lot footage shows that accomplishing this human Jenga only took the students about 5 minutes. An additional two students, who were out of the classroom at the time the group of 12 de-parted, were left at the school. The trip came to light after one of the students recounted the trip to her grandmother, who filed a police report. 8. Biting a Dunkin’ Donuts worker Renzo, a four-year-old Alsatian canine in the K9 unit working for the Coconut Creek Police Department in Florida was let go from the force after biting a Dunkin’ Doughnuts worker. In early 2015, the worker heard a shout from the police officer and was attempting to hide in his car when Renzo bit him not once, but four times in the calf. 9. The Woman Fired for Being Irresistible Melissa Nelson, a married mother who had worked as a dental assistant for 10 years, was by all accounts a fine employee. She was also according to her boss James Knight just far too sexy for him to resist; so upon urging from his wife, he gave her a pink slip. What’s more, when Nelson tried to sue over wrongful termination, the courts actually upheld the firing, confirming that she was, in fact, too sexy for her job. Knight apparently accused her of wearing clothes that were too tight and revealing, despite the fact that she wore scrubs; and when she made an off-hand comment about her lack of a sex life, he cracked a joke about it being like “having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it.” So, apparently in Iowa sexual harassment is okay, but being attractive isn’t. 10. Fired For Sharing A Receipt On The Internet An Applebee’s waiter posted a photo on Reddit of a receipt from an alleged pastor who, instead of leaving the suggested 18 percent tip, wrote, “I give God 10%, why should you get 18.” Now, after the bill went viral, Applebee's has fired the waiter. “I thought the note was insulting, but it was also comical," the waitress, whose name is Chelsea, told Consumerist. "I posted it, because I thought other users would find it entertaining." Apparently once the receipt hit the Internet, the supposed pastor forgot the Golden Rule of “love thy neighbour” and called the Applebee’s where Chelsea works to demand that she and all her management involved be fired.
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    Hello bmo, Can you Please tell me what these 2 RAR files are as I can get it and make sure you don't have a problem getting it. If you would like me to just repair the 2 RAR files then upload them and I will do my Best. I would rather just get what you want as sometimes a repair doesn't work if the poster didn't put a Recovery Record in the RAR Files. I put a Recovery Record in all my RAR Files
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    Have 2 RAR files that require repair..! Any help would be appreciated... thanks....
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    My first computer was Intel it lasted 5 years and I wanted/needed a second computer. The shop I bought the second recommended AMD so I went with it. A few years later I wanted to build my own and went with AMD again and have been with them since. I'll stick to AMD now although I did consider Intel for my build posted here. I decided to go with what I know and stuck with AMD.... I think cost is a factor as I believe Intel can be costly however I'm not 100% sure................
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    This may be too late But, I have done this. I downgraded win 7 back to Pro. Then used the windows 10 update assistant. It also gave me a free upgrade to windows 10 about a month ago. Very easy
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    I wondered at that too... grin...
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    Why is it no one likes Intel? Mine is always work in progress. I think about the end of the year ill change the CPU and mother board. https://valid.x86.fr/8ar5km
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    Thankyou, been looking for something like this for yonks!!!
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    to all alcoholics rejoice and to all AA members shame on u for being quitters and not being smarter.. bahahaha..
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    The Theory Of Intelligence I don't think I've ever heard the concept explained any better than this. Well you see, it's like this . . . A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the heard is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Now, as we know, excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. And that, is why you always feel smarter after a few beers...
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    Doris Day dies; legendary actress and singer was 97 The "Que Sera, Sera" singer passed away in California following a bout with pneumonia. Doris Day was the fresh-faced, all-American girl who became one of the world's most bankable film stars. Her glittering singing career included timeless classics like Whip Crack Away, Qué Será Será and Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. She is perhaps best remembered for three frothy romantic comedies she made with sly, square-jawed leading man Rock Hudson and sardonic sidekick Tony Randall: “Pillow Talk” (1959), “Lover Come Back” (1961), and “Send Me No Flowers” (1964). She earned her sole Oscar nomination as Best Actress for “Pillow Talk,” losing to Simone Signoret (“Room at the Top”). On screen, the wholesome, girl-next-door never failed to find love. Off screen, she could not have had less luck: she married four times. One of them beat her and another one robbed her. Later in life, she suffered the agony of watching her beloved only child die of an untreatable tumour. She retreated to a house in California, surrounding herself with animals and campaigning for their welfare. Doris Day had been a strong advocate for animal welfare since founding Actors and Others for Animals in 1971, which campaigned against the fur trade. She collected furry things wherever she found them, becoming known on set as the "Dog Catcher of Beverley Hills". Following her retirement, she ran the Doris Day Animal League at her home in Carmel, California, her house filled with stray animals rescued from the streets. She repeatedly turned down the offer of a lifetime achievement Oscar but, in 2004, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W Bush for her work as an entertainer and her commitment to animal welfare. She remained active in choosing which films, adverts and TV shows got to play the Doris Day hits, but resisted all attempts to lure her out of retirement. She chose dogs and cats over fame and fortune, but had no regrets. The Doris Day Animal League donated $1.5 million to Amendment 13, the ballot initiative against dog racing that scored a surprising win at Florida's ballot box this past November. "It is with profound sadness that we say goodbye to our friend Doris Day, legendary actress, singer, & fierce animal advocate," the Humane Society of the United States said in a statement. "Though she will be missed, we can't thank her enough for her admiration & devotion to animals." The legendary entertainer's "wishes were that she have no funeral or memorial service and no grave marker," according to her foundation's statement. "I've always believed things work out exactly as they're supposed to," she told one interviewer. Or in the words of her song, Qué Será Será. “Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” from “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” Alfred Hitchcock’s 1956 movie
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    lmfao.. ahhh the luvin warmth of a long debilitating marriage.. hehehe..
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    Sermon on the What!! Then Jesus took his disciples up the mountain and gathering them around Him. He taught them saying: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven Blessed are the meek Blessed are they that mourn Blessed are the merciful Blessed are they that thirst for justice Blessed are you when persecuted Blessed are you when you suffer Be glad and rejoice for your reward is great in heaven. ~ Then Simon Peter said, "Are we supposed to know this?" ~ And Andrew said, "Do we have to write this down?" ~ And James said, "Will we have a test on this?" ~ And Bartholomew said, "Do we have to turn this in?" ~ And John said, "The other disciples didn't have to learn this." ~ And Matthew said, "May I go to the toilet?" ~ And Mark said, "Which National Curriculum level is this?" ~ Then one of the pharisees who was present asked to see Jesus' lesson plan and inquired of Jesus, "Where are your lesson plans and what are your objectives in the cognitive domain?" And Jesus wept.
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