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    Oh throw back days = Yay Old School
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    Flashback: Britny Fox – Bite Down Hard One band that never reached its peak during the '80s was Britny Fox. They reached their peak with their self-titled album with such hits as "Girlschool." Dean didn't last after their second album, Boys In Heat. In come's replacement vocalist Tommy Paris. With this version of Britny Fox, they released "Bite Down Hard" in 1991. Track Listing: "Six Guns Loaded" (Paris, Michael Kelly Smith) - 3:46 "Louder" - 3:53 "Liar" - 4:42 "Closer to Your Love" - 3:48 "Over and Out" - 4:45 "Shot from My Gun" (Paris, Smith) - 4:07 "Black and White" (Paris, Smith, Childs, Johnny Dee) - 3:35 "Look My Way" - 4:32 "Lonely Too Long" (Paris, Smith) - 3:34 "Midnight Moses" (Alex Harvey) - 4:28 This album is severely underrated and rockin! All That Shreds reached out to Tommy Paris about his favorite song on Bite Down Hard: It still sounds good loud! "Closer To My Heart" is my favorite. - Tommy Parris ommy is still active with the Tommy Paris Band and is also playing shows with Danny Koker from History Channel's Counting Cars show. What's your favorite song from Bite Down Hard?
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    Hello ShAmmy1989, Yea Uranus doesn't like us on Pluto to fly in there space so I would have to wait until the Planets un-aline I've seen and heard alot about Canada and that is a Pretty Country, But I hear it can get cold, But at least not as cold as Pluto Just so you know Raedwulf is in the middle of moving, So it might be a few until he can reply to this post
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    How to easily add a printing service in Android 10 Learn how to print from Android without relying on the soon-to-be-vanishing Google Cloud Print. With Google Cloud Printing going away this year, it's important you can continue printing from your Android devices. Fortunately, with the recent iterations of the platform, it's incredibly simple to make this happen. In fact, I'm going to show you just how easy it is to add a printing service from within Android 10. It is important that you have a supported printer on the same network as your Android device. Once you have that taken care of, the addition of a new printer service can be done in just a minute or so. What you'll need: A device running Android 10 A printer on the same wireless network How to add a printing service In order to print from Android, you must add a printing service. To do this, open the Android Settings app and then tap Connected Devices (Figure A). Figure A From within the Connected Devices window, tap Connection Preferences (Figure B). Figure B You should now see the Printing entry. Tap that and then tap Add Service. This will open the Google Play store to a list of all available print service drivers (Figure C). Figure C Locate and tap the print service that matches the make of the printer available on your network. Do not select Cloud Print, as that service is going away soon. Once you tap the print service, it will automatically scan your network for an available printer (Figure D). Figure D Once the printer is found, the connection will be made and it'll be listed (Figure E). Figure E And that's all there is to it. You can add as many printer services as you need--even a printer for every wireless network you connect to. Note: In order to print to a specific device, your Android phone or tablet must be on the same network as the printer. Enjoy your new found freedom from Google Cloud Print.
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    Do Not Open This Email From Microsoft If you get an email claiming to be from Microsoft about a Windows update, don't open it Security researchers from Trustwave's SpiderLabs have discovered a new malicious campaign which spoofs urgent update emails from Microsoft to infect user's systems with the Cyborg ransomware. Targeted users first receive an email with either the subject line 'Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now!' or 'Critical Microsoft Windows Update!' which is already suspicious as Microsoft pushes Windows updates through its operating system and never through emails. The email itself contains just one line of text which reads: “Please install the latest critical update from Microsoft attached to this email”. While the fake update attachment has “.jpg” file extension, it is actually not a picture but instead is an executable file. This executable file is a malicious .NET download that the attackers have designed to deliver malware to the infected system. Upon clicking on the email's attachment, the executable hidden within it downloads a file called 'bitcoingenerator.exe' from a GitHub account with the name misterbtc2020. Just like with the attachment itself, this file is a .NET compiled malware known as the Cyborg ransomware. Once activated, the ransomware encrypts all of the files on the infected user's system and appends their filenames with its own file extension, 777. A ransom note with the filename 'Cyborg_DECRYPT.txt' is then left on the desktop of the compromised machine. Finally, the ransomware leaves a copy of itself called 'bot.exe' hidden at the root of the infected drive. In an effort to better understand the variants of the Cyborg ransomware, Trustwave researchers searched for the original filename of the ransomware they obtained and searched for it in VirusTotal. There they found three other samples of this ransomware and discovered that a builder for it exists online. The researchers also found a GitHub account with the name Cyborg-Ransomware that contained a repository with the ransomware builder binaries as well as a second repository with a link to the Russian version of the same builder hosted on another site. Trustwave's Diana Lopera explained why the Cyborg ransomware poses a serious threat to individuals and businesses in a blog post, saying: “The Cyborg Ransomware can be created and spread by anyone who gets hold of the builder. It can be spammed using other themes and be attached in different forms to evade email gateways. Attackers can craft this ransomware to use a known ransomware file extension to mislead the infected user from the identity of this ransomware.”
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    Great magazine site http://downmagaz.ws
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    I wish I thought of this when my Rototiller was alive 150 pound female, Pure muscle
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