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  1. qazx

    Browsers don't work well with VPN on

    thanks guys, good to know. I'll take that on board cheers
  2. Hi Guys, I find that my browsers don't work well in cyberphoenix with my VPN switched on. They work for a few minutes then don't respond. I use chrome, edge & Opera Is there any explanation for this?
  3. Cheers mate, forgot I posted that
  4. qazx

    Trojan Killer v2

    Thanks for your reply uk666. Yeah I did try the Virustotal check and it came up all clean. I was just puzzled by the fact it wouldn't run without A/V being off. I got Malwarebytes as you suggested and it works fine with my A/v being on. Go figure. I'll keep Eset in mind Thanks again
  5. qazx

    Trojan Killer v2

    I was trying to get Trojan Killer v2 to work from a USB stick, but when I run it Avast A/V keeps chucking it in the Virus chest. It runs ok with A/V switched off. Is that the only way it functions or is there a trick to it? Any ideas?
  6. Is there a Billie Eilish Album, "when we all fall asleep" out there?
  7. qazx

    Rapidgator Question

    Just in case this topic might help someone else, I'll update my solution. I got a reply from AllDebrid which pointed to switching off the Turbo mode in Opera (latest version). After checking through Forums etc I could not see a menu with Turbo or "Off road mode" as they sometimes call it. One comment linked it to the built in VPN. On turning the VPN OFF the Opera browser worked Ok with AllDebrid. So I'm assuming this is the answer. So privacy is gone but at least it works. Cheers for now
  8. qazx

    Rapidgator Question

    Yes thanks, I usually just use it for files that are missing out of a tv series etc. cheers
  9. qazx

    Rapidgator Question

    Yeah Tech, hence my reticence in going that way. Anyway I got things going using the link generator in AllDebrid which works with Chrome. Its just a bit more time consuming without JDownloader I'll try later to get it going with Opera. Thanks for your thoughts
  10. qazx

    Rapidgator Question

    Hi guys, thanks for the reply. I finally got a reply and it seems Rapidgator only wants to go through a google Android payment scheme now. So I signed up for the AllDebrid 30 day offer. And that was accepted ok. I was trying to link AllDebrid up to JDownloader2 as a new account the way I had it with Rapidgator but Ive hit a snag. In JDownloader2 new account, after inserting Hoster / Username / password.... It connects me to the AllDebrid web page which says... "To link your account, enter your 4 Character code displayed on your app". It shows 4 characters in a box. It has a button Submit underneath it. When I press submit to the 4 digits it gave me, I get a message in JDownloader window.... "cannot add account because user failed to authorize pin". And in the Browser with the AllDebrid webpage I get a new message, "Web Data saver detected". We have detected the use of a data saver (Chrome / Opera), you must disable it through your web browser options. Disable the Chrome data saver => https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2392284?hl=en Disable the Opera turbo mode => http://ccm.net/faq/15380-opera-disable-opera-turbo Is this not for an Android device or phone? I can't even see what they want me to turn off when I check the settings on Chrome & Opera using my PC. So I'm pretty lost here, any advice on what to do?
  11. qazx

    Rapidgator Question

    I previously joined Rapigator using a PC, but now I can only see options to pay for a month via an Android app downloaded to my phone, instead of through my PC. Am I missing something here or is this the only way to do it now? Thanks for any info the users might have.
  12. qazx

    Need Help With Patch ASAP!!! [COMPLETED]

    Well done tuterke helping out our Super Mod
  13. British singer Will Young's new album called Lexicon Rapigator would be fine Thanks
  14. qazx

    My New Computer

    Wow some system there Raedwulf. When it comes to updating my system i'll come here for ideas and tips.
  15. I haven't the foggiest when it comes to that stuff Raedwulf, but if asked if I wanted a search bar or a stable system that didn't crash, Id go with stable. The alphabetical method is helpful. You've done amazing mate.