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  1. qazx

    My New Computer

    Wow some system there Raedwulf. When it comes to updating my system i'll come here for ideas and tips.
  2. I haven't the foggiest when it comes to that stuff Raedwulf, but if asked if I wanted a search bar or a stable system that didn't crash, Id go with stable. The alphabetical method is helpful. You've done amazing mate.
  3. qazx

    Apple mini Ipad & Epubs

    Thanks mate, i'll check it out
  4. qazx

    Apple mini Ipad & Epubs

    Ok never thought of that, thanks for your input. ☺
  5. Hi Guys, I usually go with Android systems for phone and tablets due to the ease with transferring files to that type of hardware, ie sideloading etc. I thought I'd ask any Apple users if there is an easy way to do the same with Ipads, without transferring files through I tunes. In particular I'd want to get my Epub books into the mini ipad and read them with an App like Kindle or similar. I realize I might have to convert them first to Mobi files which isn't a problem using Calibre. Any suggestions?
  6. qazx

    How old is your hearing?

    It worked when I didn't open it in a new page, Thanks Now I feel old......................... 86 My ears are blocked with the cold, at least I hope that's what it is
  7. qazx

    How old is your hearing?

    Ok that's weird, thanks for the feedback
  8. qazx

    How old is your hearing?

    Tried your link but it doesn't take me to the hearing page. Are you guys all subscribers? £46 per year???
  9. qazx

    A lot of fun stuff to look at...

    Great site, thanks for the find
  10. qazx

    5 Riddles

    I hate riddles, but I did get the second one
  11. qazx

    A Tight Spot Puzzle

    I knew water was required but didn't need a pee at the time
  12. qazx

    This is why World War II was Won

    ok thanks for the reply
  13. qazx

    This is why World War II was Won

    How do I open the JpGs?
  14. qazx

    Linkifier, is it a good buy?

    Thanks for the reply, mulling it.
  15. qazx

    Linkifier, is it a good buy?

    I hope this is the right forum to ask this, so please rectify if it's not. I like the Uploaded format for getting my files, because it lets me purchase a Month of DLs if I want. But I notice Rapidgator has stuff I also like, but that will be another subscription. Could I suggest an article on this new format of buying a subscription and getting access to quite a few Download sites with one subscription. I've looked around for "Linkifier" topics but couldn't see any. Let me know your thoughts, thanks Qazx