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  1. i would like to donate please send me a link ok?. thanks

    1. richobob


      Mate I'm still listed as a newbie why is that ?

    2. wrenchman
  2. CyberGod

    Please Welcome CyberPhoenix New SuperMod

    Congratulations and welcome onboard !
  3. CyberGod

    Better late than never

    Welcome back Jack
  4. Mate Clicked on the donations link to donate and get the following messsage

    Return to MerchantPayments By PayPal

    Error Message

    We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the "Ask Seller a Question" link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at www.paypal.com.

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    2. richobob


      CyberGod thanks for a great site
      What is the most common site used on CyberPhonenix to download from posted Links and do I need to purchase a membership for these sites ?

    3. richobob


      PayPal Transaction ID: 5M445244JT910900Y
      Hope that helps

    4. richobob


      Cyber Can you update my donations


  5. Not sure if I've overlooked a link somewhere, but how do I make a donation?


    1. CyberGod


      Thanks. please pm me your paypal account name and the amount you wish to contribute. I shall send you a payment request. Upon completion pm me and your status will be upgraded in a couple of days.

  6. I'd like to donate, could you send me the info for it, thanks.

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    2. CyberGod


      ou've requested $ 20.00 USD from pc.mobile@gmail.com

      please pm me when completed


    3. puZZle


      Transaction ID: 6XK56341XH401081L February 18, 2020
      Money sent

      $20.00 USD

    4. CyberGod


      Thanks for your contribution 

      your status will be auto upgraded

      let me know if you need any help

  7. thanks for your contribution

    Your status will be upgraded soon by the system

    Let me know if there is any problem.

  8. I need to get paypal information request so I can make a donation. Thank you.


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    2. ohall4




    3. CyberGod



      ou've requested $ 10.00 USD from ohall4@comcast.net

      After completion please pm me and your status will be upgraded in a couple of days.

    4. ohall4


      money sent by paypal


  9. sick of leeching m8 - i'll send some money again - pls let me know paypal info.....:cool:

    1. CyberGod


      please send me your paypal account name with the amount you wish to donate and I shall send you a payment request from paypal.

      Once completed pm me and your status will be upgraded in a couple of days.


  10. I like tho donate butt is there any other way than paypall ?

    I have a master creditcard  ?

    otherwise i have tho setup an account by paypall  just fore this (GREAT) site and only for one time 

    thanks in advance   

  11. I'd like to donate 25.00

  12. I'd like to donate, could you send me the info for it


    1. CyberGod


      pm sent


  13. G'day mate

    pm sent re donation .......found my way back by accident lol thought forum was dead...long story

    cheers koolrebel

  14. How do I donate to VIP?



  15. CyberGod

    Thank you to CyberP.

    Thank you for your comments spookn. It is love from you guys that keeps our awesome team going. Moving to suggestions.