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  1. dalmar6677

    Welcome our new Staff Leaders

  2. dalmar6677

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome Gran and enjoy the site. If you need anything please let us non.
  3. dalmar6677

    hi all

    Welcome back, enjoy all the site has to offer, any questions or need help let us know.
  4. dalmar6677

    Great magazine site

    Awesome post thanks
  5. dalmar6677


    welcome to the family...if you need anything please pm me and I will do my best to help.
  6. dalmar6677


    Welcome to the best site on the web Puffinfan...if you need anything please pm me and I will do my best to help you.
  7. dalmar6677

    hi to all

    Welcome my friend to the best site on the web...please dont hestatate to pm me if you need help with any thing.
  8. dalmar6677

    Download sites

    I have been using alldebrid for three years now and have downloaded over 40TB in that span with no trouble at all. It is an excellent and easy to use site.
  9. dalmar6677

    hi this is ma900

    Welcome ma900 to the community. If you need any help please pm me
  10. Dang wish I had money!
  11. dalmar6677

    Wilcom Deco Studio

    Hi Saa & Tech, if you guys find this software for acidrage please shoot me a link also, my wife is into this stuff big time. Thanks
  12. dalmar6677

    Official CP UserBar-s Request Thread

    not sure if you saw this post earlier, thanks Dale I would like to request v3 in purple for CP Community Mod Thanks Dale If you have the time can I request also v2 NHL Penguins -Fan with logo.....if its too much its okay. You do awesome work
  13. dalmar6677

    I am back

    Welcome back need any thing dont hesitate to ask.