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    Im a newbies.. but have strong desire in this field..now im doing part time repairing laptop in one of university in my country..although im not get formal education in sofware or repairing laptop but i used to learn it myself with the help of internet esspecially website like cyberwarez n google. hope can learn more through this site.. =)

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  1. at last,i am a PADI instructor :-)

    1. Half Monk
    2. Tech 425

      Tech 425

      Sweet maybe you can teach me hehehe :)

  2. trainee at dive downbelow marine & wildlife adventure :)

  3. will be bz 4 this week - have 2 undergo trial period of divemaster trainee.. wish me luck.. :)

  4. already repair lcd...

  5. lcd still broken..havent replace yet..lol

  6. despatch82

    Youtube 2 Mp3 Download

    thankz bro..nice
  7. despatch82

    Does your PC meets requirements for `that` game?

    thankz bro..