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  1. Shammy1989, thank you for this! I had a folder Colorer for XP but it wouldnt work in &, Ive been looking for something like this for a long time. Great share!!!!
  2. parker216

    Which Messenger is Best

    I cant imagine not using Skype. Its great for work, its great for home, if you have friends or family (like I do) across the country, its great to be able to see their faces. Skype is my #1 fav.
  3. Even if you dont want to spend the time to learn how code works, you should still try and do as much of it as you can yourself. search the net for code snippets that can help you get started, then write the rest yourself, compile, run it and see how it works. If you have errors that you cant figure out, then come to us with that. You will learn a whole lot more that way. _ parker216 tech mod
  4. parker216

    Best backup software ?

    Ahh, I see! In this case I would just use ACRONIS Backup & Recovery to back it up to another HDD or Flash, DVD, ect. Then reformat your original drive. I cant remember, but ACRONIS B&R 'may' have a quick reformat operation built in to the application itself, you just run it from a disk. Dont quote me on that because I may have it mixed up with something else. But, you can always use a W1ndoze disk to reformat after your data bakup. Then, you set you HDD up with an OS and your apps, then partition off a place on the HDD and put your backup data there, so you can map it to your various apps that would use that data. Thats what I would do, and in fact, usually have done in this case. P.S. - Word to the wise, back up and check that your data is readable BEFORE you format, 'cuz there aint no going back, buddy! Unless of course you make a Full Disk Image. Even then, I would check it out to be safe. Especially if that data is sensitive or important. _ parker216 tech mod
  5. WOW freak, Great Info!!!!!!! I agree with 99.9% of what you have posted! I am an Admin for my company, and I have fixed problems with a cleaner *ONLY* because a a dead register in the registry was somehow linked to another like a child/parent situation. I could have done that manually, and what you have added is correct. The only true way to clean a registry is to: A)make backups so you can write over the corrupt registry, or, B)reformat and lay a fresh copy of W1ndoze down. Once again, great information that many people should read. thanks for you post! _ parker216 tech mod
  6. parker216


    well, hey dude, if there's no way to get into it or get an invite, then there's not much of anything that can be done. it sounds like its one those "to be one, ask one!" type of deals. you just have to keep asking folks you think might know. if someone here knows about it, then they arent talking. thats for sure. do some research on the website itself and see if there is a contact address for the webmaster. you can usually find this info out easily. _ parker216 tech mod
  7. parker216

    Best backup software ?

    Catman29 Im a bit confused, you want to totally reformat or you want to save data, then reformat?
  8. parker216

    Best backup software ?

    then Acronis True Image is ***DEFINITELY*** the way you wnt to go. very simple to do, and will back up the entire drive to your external. its the best way to go. if you need help, advice, tips, etc. feel free to PM me. I will be glad to help you. _ parker216 tech mod
  9. parker216

    I like the way you're thinking

    LOL! But, the way female teachers are going after young boys these days, it could just really happen! Damn, where were teachers like this when I was in school?
  10. BWAH HAHAHAHA!!!! Well I guess the egg is feeling like most women of the world!
  11. Little Johhny's parents got a phone call from the lifeguard at the community pool. He stated that one of them must come and pick little johhny up right this moment! When Johhny's father asked why, the lifeguard responded, "He has urinated in the pool." The father laughed lightly and said, "Well hell, I'll bet you have urinated in the pool at least once in your life haven't you?" The lifeguard said, "Maybe, but not while standing on the highest diving board!!!!!". Johhny's father quickly went to pick him up.
  12. parker216

    the brown nose

    LOL! I LOVE little johnny jokes.
  13. parker216

    One Tough Woman

    An old cowboy walked into a whore house just outside of San Antonio, Texas. The Madam looked at him with a smile and said, "What's your pleasure, cowboy?" He looked at her and said, "I've been out riding the range for 6 months, and I need a stiff shot of whiskey and I want a mean, tough woman." The madam poured him a whiskey shot, and called out for a girl named Bertha. The cowboy looked at the girl and agreed that she would do, and asked for some beer in bottles. They get upstairs and immediately the girl gets undressed, and sticks her butt up in the air! The cowboy looked stunned at the sight of a butthole staring him in the face! He said, "Whoa, I didn't want anal sex!". She said "I iknow you idiot, I was hoping you would open a couple of those bottles of beer before we get started!".
  14. parker216

    your sign fell down

    AHH! The world as seen through the eyes of drunks! LOL!